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Lavia Lin

Save the date 05. August-11. August 2022, for a Pop-Up solo show at Backhaus Projects in Neukölln, Berlin

‘’Jazz Paintings’’ Painting Exhibition of Lavia Lin @ Backhaus Projects 5. August-11. August 2022

Imagining music-with organic shapes, rhythmic lines and melodic flows of colours intertwined in the form of abstraction. It is a world of dancing colours, where music is visible and colours have sounds. ‘Jazz Paintings’’ is an exhibition of a painter’s love affair with music, an exhibition, which in its purest sense is a celebration of music and art. Welcome to Lavia’s world, where she puts her sensuous experience of listening to music and her personal interpretations onto the canvas, each painting is a reflection of the imaginations, emotions and memories triggered by music.

// Program: Vernissage 5. August: Door 7pm Concert 7:30pm live music performance by Tal Arditi (guitar) and Amanda Becker (vocals), accompanied by live painting performance by Lavia Lin.

Big Berry Duo Concert 10. August Door 7pm Concert 7:30pm Big Berry Duo, with Omri Abramov (soprano sax, effects, compositions) and Tal Yadin (acoustic guitar, effects, compositions).

About the artist & musicians:

Lavia Lin is a Berlin-based abstract painter and live painting performance artist from Shanghai, China. She came to Berlin in 2014 to pursue her studies in the arts, and has been working as a freelance artist and arts & cultural manager since 2021. Lavia’s art can be described as atmospheric abstract art, that are often blue-toned and inspired by music.

Growing in the family-owned Bar House of Blues & Jazz in Shanghai, her sensitive ears have been beautifully toned up by the musical surroundings. Music, especially jazz became Lavia’s subject and inspiration. Without former musical training, she’s able to perceive the music emotionally without technical interpretation. Since 2017, she has started an ongoing project “Jazz paintings” dedicated to some of the jazz standards she enjoys. She has performed and collaborated with international musicians in which she paints during their live concerts and put colours to their music. --

Tal Arditi is a Berlin-based and Israeli native guitarist, composer, singer & songwriter. Recognised as a young guitar prodigy at the early age of 16, he trained at the prestigious “Jazz Institute” program at Rimon Music University in Tel Aviv, graduating two years later, and shortly after making his move to Berlin, Germany.

Now aged 23, Tal has already established himself as an acclaimed guitarist, composer & musical heavyweight within both the local Berlin music scene, as well as internationally. With 2 successful albums under his belt with his Jazz trio, Portrait (2018) and Colors (2020), accompanied by 5 years of concerts & tours all over Europe, Tal was named “one of the most important discoveries of the year” by Long Play Magazine (2019) through his wide-ranging playing style and powerful compositions.


Vocalist Amanda Becker was born in Frankfurt and finished her Master Degree in Classical singing last year at UdK Berlin. Jazz however has always been part of her life and musical career.

She became a Berlin resident in 2019, found her way into the Jazz Scene and performs at regularly different venues such as Wintergarten Berlin, Pianosalon Christophori, Orania.Berlin, The Bflat a.o.

This year she was a finalist at Riga Jazz Stage.

Passionate about Jazz Standards of the American Songbook and classical Lied repertoire she created a new project „let me LIED you“ that combines both genres. There will be a concert series starting this fall.

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