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About the artist

Lavia (Yanzi) Lin, is a Berlin-based artist from Shanghai, China.  Born in 1995,  Lavia was the name she gave to herself at 3 years old, an unusual name she preferred to her birth name, with the Italian meaning of “the way”. Along her way, she came to Berlin in 2014 to pursue her studies in the arts. She has been charmed by the multicultural city and its vibrant art scene featuring international artists. She studied art and philosophy at Bard College Berlin, an interesting combination which allowed her to explore different fields and expressions. 
She started painting at 7 years old, as a child, she has shown sensitivity in colours and for her, colours have become a way of expressing herself. She attended weekend classes at “Creative Art”, which she called her cradle of creativity for 10 years. She learned the mixed medias and various painting techniques there before developing her own artistic style. She sees colours in relation to emotions and melodies. In Shanghai, she has dedicated her art works to charity by participating in charity auctions. Already at the age of 16, in 2012 she had her first solo exhibition “Sentimental Colours” at Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg  as a cultural program of “China Time," celebrating the friendship of sister-cities:Shanghai-Hamburg. Throughout the years, her artistic styles have changed. She enjoys making colourful paintings and experimenting with textures and mediums. Since 2021, she is working as a freelance artist and arts & cultural manager. 

Lavia Lin Live Painting Performance

Lavia painting live at the ''Jazz Paintings'' Exhibition @Backhaus Projects, Berlin in 2022
Photo by @Martin Keil



Exhibition List

Group Exhibition ''INCESSANT CAPACITY'@ Under the Mango Tree, Berlin (Merseburgerstr. 14, 10823)

11. March 2023-30.April 2023- (Vernissage 10. March)

Group show 'INCESSANT CAPACITY' showcases the works  of three Chinese artists: Qiu Ping, Lei Zhou and Lavia Lin,  which exposes the underlying themes of memory, home, and time presented with wide-ranging techniques in the individual practices and the subjects of each artist, including painting, installation, digital drawings, ceramics, and performance.

Past Exhibitions

Group Exhibition ''Die Farbe'@ Lite-Haus+ Projektraum, Berlin (Mareschstraße 4, 12055)

13. October 2022-29. October 2022

Colourful group exhibition with Berlin-based international artists.

Group Exhibition ''ON MY WAY'@ Under the Mango Tree, Berlin (Merseburgerstr. 14, 10823)

27.August 2022-25.September 2022- Special Opening during Schöneberg Art Weekend 4-6 Nov

ON MY WAY, a group exhibition of 9 international women artists and one young man brings together works that move between photography and paintings, from documentation, expression to abstraction and conceptual art. 

Pop-Up Exhibition ''Jazz Paintings''@ Backhaus Projects, Berlin (Weserstr. 168,12045)

05.August 2022-11. August 2022

Pop-Up Exhibition showing the selected paintings from ''Jazz Paintings'' series made in 2017-until, Vernissage with live concerts and live painting performance. 5. August 7:30 pm Live Concert by Tal Arditi & Amanda Becker, Live Painting by Lavia Lin

Virtual Solo Exhibition  @ Brouhaha Art Gallery

June 2 2022 - June 12 2022

This 3D Virtual Show was awarded for winning the 1st price of the group exhibition ''Beauteous Forms''. The exhibit is now no longer live, thank you everyone for visiting!

Virtual Group Exhibition ''Beauteous Forms'' @ Brouhaha Art Gallery

April 24 2022 - April 30 2022

3D Virtual Show featuring international artists. The exhibit is now no longer LIVE. Thank you everyone for visiting us!

Group Exhibition "Radical Beauty'' @ The Holy Art Gallery, London

March 25 2022 - March 31 2022

Group show in The Holy Art Gallery, 21-31 Shacklewell Ln, London E8 2DA

Group Exhibition "Räume 2" @Kopenhagenerstr.60-68, 13047 Berlin,Germany

Sep 21 2018 - Sep 25 2018

The second series of group exhibition by "Räume" amongst 72 artists

Group Exhibition "Räume" 
@TheWorkspace Lindenstraße 20, Berlin,Germany

10. Sep-17.Sep, 2016

The group exhibition was made to decorate the building with art before it was to be demolished, each artist was given a room to work.

Fundraising Art Exhibition 'Children Around the World’ @Shanghai Urban Planning Museum, Shanghai, China

Feb 28- March 6, 2014

Participated in Consular Spouses Shanghai / Shanghai Women’s Federation Fundraising Art Exhibition as an artist representing Germany

Learn more

Solo Exhibition “The Sentimental Colors” @ Chamber of Commerce, Hamburg, Germany

August 10-14, 2012

As the cultural program of "China Time"in Hamburg, celebrating the friendship of Shanghai and Hamburg.

Learn more

Group Exhibition “We mix it up” @ Gallery of J Art, Shanghai


As the youngest painter whose work to be exhibited in the group exhibition, amongst some international artisits

Charity Auction of Painting Exhibition @Le Royal Meridien, Shanghai

June 1, 2008

The auction was made to support the orpahns in Wenchuan Eathquake.

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