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Jazz Paintings

An ongoing painting project dedicating to my favourite jazz standards.


Why Jazz?

Encounter with Jazz

Lavia grew up in the family owned Bar House of Blues & Jazz in Shanghai, where her sensitive ears have been beautifully toned up by the musical surroundings. Instead of playing instruments, she prefers to be an attentive listener. Since 2016 summer after the discovery of the lively but rather hidden jazz scene in Berlin, she has become an active concert-jam sessions goer to support the young jazz musicians. You will often find her figure in jazz bars and at jazz concerts, sitting among the audience, her body moving naturally to the music. 
Her love for jazz has become her artistic inspiration.She uses her paints to express the intensive emotional responses she gets from listening to jazz music. She has started on an ongoing project “Jazz paintings” dedicated to some of the jazz standards she enjoys. She wishes to explore the artistic expression of music through painting.

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