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Live Painting Performance ''Colors of sounds'' with Tal Arditi

Lavia Lin

Live painting performance as part of the cultural series ''Pop-UP Teahouse'' at the community cross-cultural space C*SPACE in Weißensee Berlin.

An intimate dialogue through painting and music was carried out by Lavia Lin and her friend Tal Arditi, the talented and young Israeli guitarist. The two of them met at jazz jam sessions in Berlin 5 years ago and have been friends ever since.

In the evening on 11. September 2021, in the beautiful courtyard at C*SPACE, a former furniture factory in Weißensee, the two friends performed together the first time. Tal's emotional dynamic guitar playing and his lyrical storytelling were captured visually by Lavia, dripping paints and moving her arms simultaneously with the music.

Photos by Martin Keil.

You can learn more about Tal Arditi and his music here:

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